Mo Woods / Less Fields

To whom it may concern,

My name is Morgan Woods and I hail from the “four-seasons-in-one-day” state of Ohio. I go by “less fields” because I’m an outdoors person so, “mo woods; less fields” My best friend said it once, thought it was witty, figured I would use it. Plus, I love dad jokes. They’re fantastic.

Anyway, I am starting this blog as a result of my impulsive creativity and the desire to share it with others. Just so you have a small bit of background on what I plan on doing, I have been wanting to write a book for some time now. What genre? No clue, yet. However, I felt as if it would be really cool to start with a title and chapter 1. Then, every following post on a weekly basis would be another chapter. The cool part lies in whomever decides to give their two cents every week, will help shape the characters and their direction as the story progresses from week-to-week. If you don’t want to comment and just read that’s fine too! At any rate, I hope some people find the idea as interesting and fun as I do.

– Less Fields

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